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  • Author: Paiste, Denis

Date: 1986 November 30

Publication: New Hampshire Sunday News

Language: English

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Feature article on the cultural changes occurring among former French Canadian immigrant communities, now Franco American descendant ones, in the cities of New Hampshire. How the occurrence of the French language among New Hampshire Franco Americans…

  • Author: Doane, Ashley W., Jr.

Date: 1979 August 21

Language: English

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A 1970s report seeking "to define the status of Franco-Americans in New Hampshire, and their relationships to the majority culture." With data from the US census and a variety of business and education studies (published and not), Doane seeks to get…

  • Author: Blazon, Gerard

Date: 1974

Thesis Type: M.A.

Institution: University of New Hampshire

Language: en

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Master's thesis on the French Canadian immigrants to the towns of Suncook, Pembroke, and Allentown, New Hampshire at the turn of the century. Emphasis on community and social life.