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  • Author: Chong, Ping

Date: 1988

Book Title: New Plays USA : 4

Language: en

Find in a Library: 17980398

Dramatic piece that follows five young people of different sociocultural backgrounds - and one Rwandan gorilla - interacting with one another at various stages of their lives in the suburban United States, all under the apparent study of the…

  • Author: Chabot, Grégoire

Date: 1996

Language: Français and English

Find in a Library: 34983292

Grégoire Chabot’s triple collection sits English and French texts face-to-face in a small variety of dramatics and family humor, where characters carry in tow a heavy load of self-pity, but where comedic endings refuse to resign any one of…

  • Author: Dubay, Guy F.

Date: 1976

Language: Français and English

Find in a Library: 2624099

With Justice For All leads its reader through the drama surrounding the potential 1876 eviction of French families from their homes on disputed land in the St. John River Valley of Aroostook County, Maine. A play in two languages, and a play that…

  • Author: Albert, Renaud S.
  • Author: Chabot, Gregoire
  • Author: Dube, Normand C.
  • Author: Pare, Paul

Date: 1980

Language: Français

Find in a Library: 9170217

From Robert L. Paris' introduction to the text:"'À Tour de Rôle' is a collection of nine original dramatic skits in French, of twenty to forty-five minutes duration each. These skits can be used in bilingual classes at the secondary level and…

  • Author: Dubé, Normand
  • Author: Olivier, Julien

Date: 1980

Language: Français

Find in a Library: 8501870

De l'introduction: "On trouvera dans ce livre huit pièces qui, malgré leurs différences, ont tout de même une source commune, la vie et la culture franco-américaines. Ces pièces ont été groupées ici d'après quatre…