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  • Author: Tremblay, Bill

Date: 1977

Language: en

Find in a Library: 3084054

Find Online: OL3668247W

Volume of poetry from native of Southbridge, Massachusetts and creator of collections "Crying in the Cheap Seats" (1971), "Duhamel" (1986), and the novel "The June Rise" (1994), among other works. Professor in creative writing at Colorado State…

  • Author: Matthews, F. Louise

Date: 1955-04-00

Publication: The French Review

Volume: 28

Language: en

Find in a Library: 137573897

Article describing French, French-Canadian, and Franco-American newspapers published in the US and Canada as useful classroom tools for language learning and cultural competency. Discussions of various relevant French-language periodicals, their…

  • Author: Béchard, Deni Y.

Date: 2009-spr/sum

Publication: Harvard Divinity Bulletin

Volume: 37

Language: en

Find in a Library: 52243319, 1774962

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Personal and historical essay weaving a son's reflections on his Québec-born, rebellious, itinerant father through the changing shape of Catholicism in New France, Lower Canada, and Québec into the 21st century. The persistent grip of a…

  • Author: Martin, Jane E.

Date: 2010 Spring

Publication: The Massachusetts Review

Volume: 51

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1640212

Short fiction piece told from the perspective of Rosaire, a young woman who suffers from a painful and mysterious physical injury. Movements in the relationship between Rosaire and her partner Gabriela, a graduate student, who decides to travel from…

  • Author: Quintal, Claire (rédactrice)

Date: 1992

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 27315869

Un livre d'essais critiques et biographiques sur la littérature franco-américane et ses créateurs. Certains extraits littéraires des œuvres littéraire d'auteurs franco-américains contemporains, en…

  • Author: Kerouac, Jack

Date: 1995-00-00

Language: en

Find in a Library: 30593133

Collection of selected correspondence between writer Jack Kerouac and family, friends, and other literary figures before 1956. Includes letters to and from William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg; to Kerouac's mother, Gabrielle Kerouac; Neal Cassady;…

  • Author: Dupuis, Suzanne

Date: 1990

Language: English

Find in a Library: 24285174

Booklet accompaniment to the 1990 exhibition, "En quête d'Amérique," created by the Museology Program at Laval University and Québec's Musée de la civilisation. A brief presentation of the contemporary French Canadian presence in North…

  • Author: Vetter, Craig

Date: 1984 March

Publication: Outside

Volume: 9

Language: English

Find in a Library: 6050977

Magazine feature on American climber, outdoors enthusiast, and entrepreneur, Yvon Chouinard, founder of the Patagonia company. Profile of Chouinard's climbing adventures, his company's successes, and the convergence of a love for the outdoors with a…

  • Author: Lanoue, Margaret A.

Date: 1984

Thesis Type: M.A., Education

Institution: University of Maine at Orono

Language: en

Find in a Library: 46579887

Master's thesis proposing a restaurant whose design and theme aim toward public education about Franco American culture. How this project is situated in a larger, national discussion about "the value of ethnic identity" (1). A demographic background…

  • Author: Landry, Thomas-Marie

Date: 1962

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 10197020, 300126253

Find Online: OL11296882W

Une collection de discours, sermons, des papiers, des émissions de radio, articles de journaux, les manifestes, et d'autres présentations sur le thème de soutenir et de préserver la religion catholique et la culture…

  • Author: Vincens, Simone J.

Date: 1985-01

Publication: Contemporary French Civilization

Volume: 9

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 6466586, 3234085

Une vue d'ensemble de l'histoire de la presse franco-américaine du 19e et 20e siècles, écrit par un professeur de Millersville State College. Commentaire sur les divers publications et leur ampleur géographique à la hauteur de leurs…

  • Author: Giguère, Madeleine

Date: 1974

Language: en

Find in a Library: 2146602, 77398996

Presentation of data acquired in the 1970 United States census. Statistics collected specifically on the populations of persons of French mother tongue in New England and Louisiana. Illustrates in table form their distribution by county, city, town,…

  • Author: Jarmel, Marcia
  • Author: Schneider, Ken

Date: 2010

Language: English (Spanish and Chinese audio and subtitles)

Find in a Library: 435619912

Documentary film on multilingual and multicultural education in the United States. The personal, social, and political implications of teaching in languages other than English, and the complex realities of immigrant families' hopes for their…

  • Author: Péloquin-Faré, Louise

Date: 1983

Institution: École Normale Supérieure de Saint-Cloud (Centre de recherche et d'étude pour la diffusion du français)

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 11599243

Find Online: OL5382031W

Une description des moeurs et de la vie franco-américaine dans la Nouvelle-Angleterre. Une exploration de la survivance dans le contexte d'une histoire précise et d'un avenir imprévisible pour un peuple francophone aux Etats-Unis. Etude…

  • Author: Dev, Rupa

Date: 2010 September 25

Language: English

Find in a Library: Unknown

Article of interview with filmmaker Marcia Jarmel on her and colleague Ken Schneider's new documentary, "Speaking in Tongues," about bilingual education in America. Features a Vimeo linked preview to the film. From the editor of New America Media:…

  • Author: Thoet, Denis

Date: 2009 December 4

Publication: Kennebec Journal

Language: English

Find in a Library: 8814143, 60630676

Humorous opinion piece on Maine as an American outcast state, sharing more in common with its Canadian neighbors than with the people and places of its neighboring American states.

  • Author: L'Heureux, Juliana

Date: 2010 October 15

Publication: Portland Press Herald

Language: English

Find in a Library: 9341113

Article on University of Maine at Augusta professor, Chelsea Ray, and her commitment to French language, comparative literature, and the Franco-American communities in which she finds herself immersed as teacher.

  • Author: Chandonnet, Thomas Aimé

Date: 1872

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 20649460

Find Online: OL7724186W

Une histoire des débuts d'une paroisse nationale catholique franco-américain de Worcester, Massachusetts, dans le cadre de tous les Canadiens francophones aux États-Unis de la seconde moitié du dix-neuvième siècle. Pensées sur…

  • Author: Martin, André (editor)

Date: 1980

Volume: 2 of 8

Language: en; fr

Find in a Library: 6523696

Volume 2 of an eight-part series on Franco American history and life. From ERIC: "Intended to help readers develop an appreciation of the contributions of Franco-Americans to the cultural heritage of the United States, this book, the second of six…

  • Author: Belisle, Alexandre

Date: 1911

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 11074320

Find Online: OL185751W

Du texte: "Inventaire chronologique des journaul et revues publies en langue francais aux États-Unis pour les Canadiens-Français émigrés, de 1838 jusque'a 1911, et qui n'existent plus aujourd'hui." Il aussi tiens beaucoup d'images de…

  • Author: Coulet du Gard, René
  • Author: Coulet du Gard, Dominique

Date: 1974

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1254074

Find Online: OL5073992M

Geography and etymology of places in the United States with names of French origin. Mostly concerned with California, Louisiana, and the U.S. Midwest.

  • Author: Kloss, Heinz

Date: 1971

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 395663143

Une histoire légale moderne sur la langue française à la Louisiane, la Nouvelle Angleterre, le Midwest É.U., et des autres états qui contiennent les grandes populations francophones.

  • Author: Rosengarten, Joseph G.

Date: 1907

Language: en

Find in a Library: 2662696

Find Online: OL7249749M

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French presence in the United States from 1684 to the beginning of the 20th century. Includes early missions from France to the American South and Midwest, colonies in Louisiana, Huguenot communities on the Mid-Atlantic American coast, French…

  • Author: Daniels, Roger

Date: 2002

Language: en

Find in a Library: 50930977

Find Online: OL2664429W

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Comprehensive history of immigration to the United States from the 17th to the 21st century. Divided into [ ] parts: Colonial America; The Century of Immigration (1820-1924); and Modern Times.

  • Author: Handlin, Oscar

Date: 1972

Language: en

Find in a Library: 389635

Find Online: OL1170977W

American immigration history in photos by the author of the award-winning historical piece, "The Uprooted."

  • Author: Meloy, Maile

Date: 2003

Language: English

Find in a Library: 50591256

From Simon and Schuster: "With her first novel, 'Liars and Saints,' award-winning author Maile Meloy more than delivers on the promise of her highly acclaimed debut story collection, 'Half in Love.' This richly textured novel tells a story of sex…