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  • Author: Bottigheimer, Ruth B.

Date: 1993-sum

Publication: The Journal of American Folklore

Volume: 106

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1782260, 51205291

Article on narrative motifs and patterns of historical development in the folkloric story of "The Lazy Boy" : a "male tale" traced internationally over nearly five hundred years of oral and written storytelling, through various iterations of…

  • Author: Tremblay, Bill

Date: 1977

Language: en

Find in a Library: 3084054

Find Online: OL3668247W

Volume of poetry from native of Southbridge, Massachusetts and creator of collections "Crying in the Cheap Seats" (1971), "Duhamel" (1986), and the novel "The June Rise" (1994), among other works. Professor in creative writing at Colorado State…

  • Author: Butler, Sandra S.

Date: 2013

Publication: Journal of Gerontological Social Work

Volume: 56

Language: en

Find in a Library: 4392786

Article exploring the contexts and conditions of older age women as increasingly common personal assistance and home care aides in the twenty-first century. This occupation at the convergence of the growing need for home care workers in American…

  • Author: Martin, Jane

Date: 2013-fall

Publication: Confrontation

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60637997

Short story narrating Maxime's detours: from a rare West Coast business trip out of Maine to visit his sister and her partner in San Francisco; from routes of his present to certain back roads of memory.

  • Author: Kadetsky, Elizabeth

Date: 2012-spr

Publication: Michigan Quarterly Review

Volume: 51

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1757375

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Short story narrated by a writer frequently at odds with her spiny and somewhat distant lover on their roadtrip from Oregon to the East Coast.

  • Author: Fontaine, Robert Louis

Date: 1945

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1686763

Find Online: OL6719923W

Coming-of-age novel in lighthearted stories set in and around Ottawa, Ontario, amidst the young narrator Robert's extended family of eccentric men and stern women. Robert's small obsession with a much older boarding woman, and other various crushes;…

  • Author: Banks, Russell

Date: 1985

Language: en

Find in a Library: 10998820

Find Online: OL35483W ; OL15136638W

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Novel following Bob Dubois, a New Hampshire oil burner repairman, and his attempted escape from discontent to a "fresh start" in Florida with his family. Entwined with the story of Vanise, a Haitian emigrant, and the severities she endures with her…

  • Author: Sorrell, Richard S.

Date: 1982-spr

Publication: Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses

Volume: 11

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1773426, 807291117

Observations of Jack Kerouac's ethnoreligious background - Franco American and Roman Catholic - and what the author describes as one of three "panels of the survivance triptych" : Catholicism. Historical descriptions of the role and actions of the…

  • Author: Hebert, Ernest

Date: 2012

Language: en

Find in a Library: 689858563

Find Online: OL25075223M

Novel set in Keene, New Hampshire between the 1950s and early 2000s. Young baseball prospect Jack Landry comes of age with the Catholic sensibility and working-class ethos of his upbringing. Landry confronts stereotype, forbidden love's trials, and…

  • Author: Murray, Kathleen Rochefort

Date: 2000-09(2000 fall / 2001 winter)

Publication: Québec Studies

Volume: 30

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60628349

Article on iconography surrounding Ste. Anne - the mother of Jesus' mother, Mary - in the Roman Catholic culture of Québec. Exploration's of the saint's importance for understanding Québec and its people more intimately, first in terms of…

  • Author: Takai, Yukari

Date: 2008

Language: en

Find in a Library: 774287243

Find Online: OL18568303M

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Book-length study on French Canadian migrants and migration to Lowell, Massachusetts at the beginning of the 20th century. The role of family in cross-border human movement, and the impact of migration and its social, economic, and labor dimensions…

  • Author: Silverblatt, Michael (host)
  • Author: Plante, David (interviewee)

Date: 2008-01-10

Language: en

Radio interview with author David Plante on the occasion of the publication of his novel, "ABC" (Pantheon, 2008). Discussions of Plante's literary engagement with ghosts; with the notions of suffering, belief, and grief; origin and "the ultimate";…

  • Author: Duhamel, Denise

Date: 2005

Language: en

Find in a Library: 61690354

Find Online: OL11742575M

1001 lines of poetry from Woonsocket, Rhode Island native and teacher of creative writing at Florida International University. From the author of "Queen for a Day" and "The Star-Spangled Banner." Title modeled after Hervé Le Tellier's Mille…

  • Author: Blaise, Clark

Date: 1987

Book Title: On Middle Ground

Language: en

Find in a Library: 16044405

Find Online: OL10276185M

Short fiction piece about a writer who can be either American (Phil Porter) or French Canadian (Philippe Carrier) depending from which side of the border he is travelling, or upon which side he sits. The complexity of a dual identity lived out in a…

  • Author: Laux, Dorianne

Date: 1990

Language: en

Find in a Library: 22299428

Find Online: OL2229816M

Book of poems from Augusta, Maine native and creative writing teacher at North Carolina State University. Contains foreword by Philip Levine. Republished in 2007 by Carnegie Mellon University Press.

  • Author: Laux, Dorianne

Date: 2009-06-25

Publication: SmokeLong Quarterly

Language: en

Find in a Library: Unknown

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Short story about a friend who, always when visiting the narrator, is eager to find a bar. From the author of the poetry collections, "Awake," "What We Carry," "Smoke," and "Facts About the Moon." Appears in the online literary magazine, SmokeLong…

  • Author: Proulx, Annie

Date: 2009 Spring

Publication: The Paris Review

Volume: 188

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1641889

Interview with novelist and short story writer, Annie Proulx, about her life, her craft, and her thoughts on writing. Reflections on some of her past works, including the novels "Postcards" and "The Shipping News," as well as the story, "Brokeback…

  • Author: Poulin, A., Jr.

Date: 1984 Winter

Publication: New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly

Volume: 7

Language: en

Find in a Library: 8932675

Poem from a Lisbon, Maine writer and founder of poetry's BOA Editions. Dedicated to David Plante. Featured in the New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly published by Middlebury College. Republished posthumously in a collection of A. Poulin, Jr's…

  • Author: Parsons, Vivian (LaJeunesse)

Date: 1939

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1400482

Find Online: OL6382378M

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Novel set near Trois-Rivières, Québec, that begins with the birth of a first child - a daughter, Lucien - to Marie Charbonneau, whose husband Léonce despairs for not having a son to work on their farm. Two hundred miles away, the…

  • Author: Plante, David

Date: 1986 Spring

Publication: Grand Street

Volume: 5

Language: en

Find in a Library: 37589723

Short story featuring Joseph Beauchemin, an American expatriate in London, and Dolores, in their apartment in the wake of a public protest. The ways in which they struggle to know one another and to make themselves known - or not - amidst death,…

  • Author: Plante, David

Date: 1976 Spring

Publication: The Transatlantic Review

Volume: 24

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1590374, 1767694

Short story that finds George returned to his family's New England home and to Hunter, his brother, as they struggle through the emotional aftermath of their mother's funeral. An early work from Providence, Rhode Island-native author of "The…

  • Author: Moreau, David

Date: 2004

Language: en

Find in a Library: 61727160

Book of poems from Wayne, Maine writer and author of the 2004 chapbook, "Children Are Ugly Little Monsters (But You Have to Love Them Anyway").

  • Author: Paradis, Roger

Date: 1983 Spring

Publication: Québec Studies

Volume: 1

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60628349

Article on Henriette Blier Pelletier and her lifelong commitment to midwifery. A Québec-born transplant to the Madawaska Territory and the St. Luce Parish - later to be called Frenchville, Maine. Pelletier helped to deliver the children of rural…

  • Author: van Lent, Peter C.

Date: 1983 Spring

Publication: Québec Studies

Volume: 1

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60628349

Critical analysis of Louis Hémon's novel, Maria Chapdelaine, sparked by the recent centennial of Hémon's birth (1880). Some descriptions of the novel's main character, Maria, and her choice between two suitors - one to remain in Canada, or one…

  • Author: Victor, Stephen

Date: 1982-05-00

Publication: Rhode Island History

Volume: 41

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1696593

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Article on Lewis Hine's photographic work for the National Child Labor Committee, its ties with the National Consumers' League, and the photographer's place among progressive and humanitarian labor reform in early twentieth-century Rhode Island. The…

  • Author: Potholm, Christian P.

Date: 2009

Publication: The New England Journal of Political Science

Volume: 4

Language: en

Find in a Library: 54021556

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Article describing the political method and image of former Maine Republican congresswoman, Margaret Chase Smith. The paradigmatic elements of her political tenure and their subsequent impact on the shapes of later Maine political campaigns and…

  • Author: Buhle, Paul (editor)
  • Author: Staub, Michael (editor)

Date: 1987-05-00

Publication: Rhode Island History

Volume: 46

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1696593

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Article featuring selections of oral history interviews conducted with Rhode Island working people in the 1980s. Reflections on childhood in urban, industrial Rhode Island in the wake of industrial closures, changing demographic landscapes, and their…

  • Author: Lord, Kathleen

Date: 2012

Publication: Visual Communication

Volume: 11

Language: en

Find in a Library: 49517846

Article analyzing how Montréal, Québec and Lowell, Massachusetts photography provides a means for exploring the relationship between patterns of transportation, public space, and social life through the early twentieth century. The history of…

  • Author: Lacroix, Michel
  • Author: Zurek, Nadia

Date: 2011

Publication: Recherches féministes

Volume: 24

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 60618507

Un article sur les oeuvres et la vie sociale d'une journaliste franco-américaine de Pierreville, Québec et Lowell, Massachusetts - Yvonne Le Maître - aux États-Unis, au Canada, et en Europe. La particularité de sa variété…

  • Author: Gould, Karen L.

Date: 2003

Publication: Yale French Studies

Volume: 103

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1770272

Article describing the recent attraction of USA scholarship to French Canadian literature. The integration of this literature within academic French programs, and the various practical and theoretical challenges it poses to the broader canon of…