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  • Author: Moreau, David

Date: 2004

Language: en

Find in a Library: 61727160

Book of poems from Wayne, Maine writer and author of the 2004 chapbook, "Children Are Ugly Little Monsters (But You Have to Love Them Anyway").

  • Author: Santerre, Richard Robert

Date: 1974

Thesis Type: Ph. D., Romance Languages and Literatures

Institution: Boston College

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 3043922

Une dissertation sur la littérature - le roman - franco-américaine : ses grands thèmes, ses auteurs dans la Nouvelle-Angleterre, et les historiques américaines et québécoises qui forment son contexte. Met…

  • Author: Cartwright, Steve

Date: 1998 May 14

Publication: Maine Times

Language: English

Find in a Library: 60621234, 52425179

Interview with Maine language teacher, Charlie Hicks, on his passion for the French language and the benefits of teaching it to young people.

  • Author: Brack, Ken

Date: 1989 December 1

Publication: Kennebec Journal

Language: English

Find in a Library: 8814143, 60630676

A fire consumes the Edwards Mill in Augusta, Maine, beginning in the afternoon of November 30, 1989. Article includes a picture of the smoke and fire at the base of Sand Hill, a neighborhood in the north part of the city.

  • Author: Robbins, Rhea Côté (editor)
  • Author: Petrie, Lanette Landry (editor)
  • Author: Langellier, Kristin (editor)
  • Author: Slott, Kathryn (editor)

Date: 1995

Language: en; fr

Find in a Library: 34344246

A selection of women's writings - fiction, poetry, essay, journalism - that have appeared in the University of Maine Franco-American Centre's publication, "Le FAROG Forum." Le Forum is a periodical dedicated to issues related to the Franco American…