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  • Author: Victor, Stephen

Date: 1982-05-00

Publication: Rhode Island History

Volume: 41

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1696593

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Article on Lewis Hine's photographic work for the National Child Labor Committee, its ties with the National Consumers' League, and the photographer's place among progressive and humanitarian labor reform in early twentieth-century Rhode Island. The…

  • Author: Sleeper, Frank H.

Date: 1995

Language: en

Find in a Library: 34053616

Find Online: OL10819418M

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An "Images of America" series, pictorial history of the city of Augusta - Maine's capital - with images and captions from the late nineteenth through the first half of the twentieth century. Augusta's place in Maine state politics; its early…

  • Author: Farfan, Matthew

Date: 2009

Language: en

Find in a Library: 299713643, 677923836

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"Images of America" series pictorial history of the people and places surrounding the border that separates the province of Québec and the state of Vermont, slightly above the 45th parallel. How the international communities in this area have…

  • Author: Perreault, Robert B.

Date: 2005

Language: en

Find in a Library: 62285075

Find Online: OL7901580M

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A pictorial history of Manchester, New Hampshire created from images featured on aged postcards. Compiled by the author of several other texts on Manchester and Franco Americans in New England, Robert B. Perreault. From Arcadia Publishing: "Here, for…

  • Author: Delevingne, Lionel (photographs)
  • Author: Briere, Eloise A. (interviews)
  • Author: Vaget, Nicole (text)

Date: 1988

Language: en; fr

Find in a Library: 20218507

Find Online: OL2064431M

Illustrations of Massachusetts' Franco American cultural landscape in personal photos, personal interviews, and historical context. A local pictorial history in short form, singular in its use of quotations.

  • Author: Turner, Loretta M.

Date: 1993

Language: en

Find in a Library: 31033874

Find Online: OL10810066M

Pictorial History of Biddeford, Maine, with a particular emphasis on Franco American life there. Biddeford, an industrial city, can claim the presence of working mills from as far back as 1800, many years before the first French Canadian migrations…

  • Author: Dubay, Guy F.

Date: 1983

Language: fr; en

Find in a Library: 11513772

Find Online: OL3190559M

A book written to accompany a 1982 Maine State Museum exhibit dedicated to history and life in the St. John Valley, Aroostook County, Maine. Author Guy Dubay is a member of the Maine State Franco-American Hall of Fame. From the text: "Guy Dubay's…

  • Author: Hendrickson, Dyke

Date: 2010

Language: en

Find in a Library: 535495395

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An "Images of America" pictorial history that illustrates parts of the Franco-American experience in Maine, Maine's people, and the things and places that occupied their lives. Chapters run as follows: 1)Work, 2)Family, 3)Religious Life, 4)Community,…

  • Author: Sleeper, Frank

Date: 1998

Language: en

Find in a Library: 39701913

Find Online: OL10819670M

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Photo history of the Upper St. John Valley, northern Maine, with a brief historical introduction. Part of the Arcadia Press "Images of America" series.

  • Author: Bellerose, Robert

Date: 2004

Language: en

Find in a Library: 57494168

Find Online: OL1656749W

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Arcadia's "Images of America" series revisits the pre- and post-industrial city of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, with pictures that span the period from 1834 to 2000. Transitional American urban and riverbank landscapes across two centuries, through…

  • Author: Samson, Gary

Date: 2000

Language: en

Find in a Library: 46874965

Pictorial history of the communities in and around the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company's mill complex in Manchester, New Hampshire. The rise and fall of Amoskeag, in photos. A volume in the broad-ranging "Images of America" series of books. Previously…

  • Author: Connors-Carlson, Shirlee

Date: 2001

Language: en

Find in a Library: 49045997

A pictorial history of life and logging in St. John, Maine, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Includes some pictures that are featured in the book "Acadian Hard Times" (Stewart Doty, 1991), as well as many others that capture the households…

  • Author: Dunwell, Steve

Date: 1978

Language: en

Find in a Library: 4443770

Find Online: OL4743753M

A chronicle of centuries of labor in black and white photographs. Historical and modern perspectives on mills, industrial towns, and workers in New England from the earliest industrialization period to the 1970s. From the inside flap: "The full force…

  • Author: Schwartzwald, Robert

Date: 1987 spring

Publication: The Massachusetts Review

Volume: 28

Language: en

Find in a Library: 482941102

An essay on how photographer Ulrich Bourgeois captured the French Canadian ways of living that persisted and developed individually in early 20th-century Franco America. How Bourgeois, knowingly or not, worked to preserve a period of Franco American…