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  • Author: Hale, Karlene

Date: 2008 May 29

Publication: Capital Weekly

Volume: 14

Language: English

Find in a Library: 32437699

Article on the retirement of two Sisters of the Presentation of Mary from their school in Augusta, Maine. Describes the early lives and teaching journeys throughout New England of Sister Rachel Boucher and Sister Joan Desmarais, and gathers some of…

  • Author: Stewart, Andrew T.

Date: 1975

Language: English

Find in a Library: Unknown

Working paper prepared for the New Hampshire Department of Education in the 1970s. An examination of the correlation between New Hampshire school districts holding students with French surnames, and New Hampshire towns wherein reside adults who have…

  • Author: Chartier, Armand
  • Author: Chartier, Catherine Rivard

Date: 1985

Language: English

Find in a Library: 16000329

The life of Father Armand Morissette - better known as Father Spike - Catholic priest of Lowell, Massachusetts. Father Spike was widely known for his compassion and ease of friendship, as well as for his community activism and ahead-of-the-curve…

  • Author: Fillion, Maurice C.

Date: 2006

Language: English

Find in a Library: 72521692

Autobiography of a New Hampshire man and his "search for personal identity" through ethnicity and religion, in and out of the lifestyle of a Roman Catholic Priest. From the back cover: "Maurice Fillion was five when his father died. Singled out by…

  • Author: Religieuse de la Présentation de Marie, La (Hudson, New Hampshire)

Date: 1945

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 22844640, 34711965

La biographie de Monseigneur Arthur Décary, dit le Révérend Père Zénon Décary: un prêtre qui a servi les églises catholique romain du Maine. Écrite comme hagiographie moderne, avec…

  • Author: Doane, Ashley W., Jr.

Date: 1979 August 21

Language: English

Find in a Library: 425819036

A 1970s report seeking "to define the status of Franco-Americans in New Hampshire, and their relationships to the majority culture." With data from the US census and a variety of business and education studies (published and not), Doane seeks to get…