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  • Author: Ploch, Louis A.

Date: 1989 May

Language: English

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Brief overview of the general cultural heritage in contemporary New England, with an emphasis on rural communities. The roles of religion and education, economics and immigration, often among communities that can trace their New England origins to…

  • Author: Older, Jules

Date: 1990 November 4

Publication: Vermont Sunday Magazine

Language: English

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Feature article on French Canadian and Franco American heritage in Vermont. Early 20th-century discrimination and violence against French Catholics in Vermont. Characterizations of Franco American community life among other Vermont ethnic groups;…

  • Author: Kelley, Kevin J.

Date: 1991 May 2

Publication: Vermont Times

Volume: 1

Language: English

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Article on Franco American culture in Vermont: from its perceived "decline" to concerted efforts at its revival in different parts of the state. Suggestions on the potential cultural and political reasons for local assimilation. Particular emphasis…

  • Author: Johnson, Sally

Date: 1987 Spring

Publication: Vermont Life

Volume: 41

Language: English

Find in a Library: 1773576

Article subtitled, "French-Canadian Life And Culture In Vermont." A profile of French Canadian and Franco American communities in the state of Vermont, through the eyes of some Vermonters and academics. Large emphasis on the roles of family,…

  • Author: Williams, Robert S.
  • Author: Riley, Kathleen C.

Date: 2001

Book Title: Language Ideologies: Critical Perspectives on the Official English Movement

Volume: 2: History, Theory, and Policy

Language: en

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Third chapter in a collection of essays on language ideology as related to issues surrounding the political movement in favor of codifying English the official language of the United States. This essay presents a case-study in the processes and…

  • Author: Farfan, Matthew

Date: 2009

Language: en

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"Images of America" series pictorial history of the people and places surrounding the border that separates the province of Québec and the state of Vermont, slightly above the 45th parallel. How the international communities in this area have built…

  • Author: Miller, John M.

Date: 2001

Language: English

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Combination photo book and short fiction collection. A storytelling that is both pictorial and literary: black and white scenic photographs and character portraits from the 1970s, written out with intermittent segments of Vermont regional prose set…