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  • Author: Indiana Historical Society

Date: 1954

Language: English

Find in a Library: Inconnu

Publication sur l'histoire de l'exploration et la colonisation française en Amérique du Nord, et les emplacements américaine dans laquelle les constructions et les noms de lieu françaises persistent dans le présent.

  • Author: Toth, Emily

Date: 1999

Language: English

Find in a Library: 39800550

Biography of the author of "The Awakening." From University Press of Mississippi: "In 'Unveiling Kate Chopin,' Emily Toth, the foremost authority on Chopin's life and works, creates a sharply revealing portrait of a modern woman in a Victorian world.…

  • Author: Martin, André (editor)

Date: 1980

Volume: 2 of 8

Language: en; fr

Find in a Library: 6523696

Volume 2 of an eight-part series on Franco American history and life. From ERIC: "Intended to help readers develop an appreciation of the contributions of Franco-Americans to the cultural heritage of the United States, this book, the second of six…

  • Author: Casanova, Jacques Donat

Date: 1975

Language: Français

Find in a Library: 299654602

Un exploration québécois des contributions historiques des gens français et canadiens-français à la vie quotidienne et la culture des Etats-Unis. Du texte: "Quand on parle de l'apport français à l'histoire des États-Unis, on songe…

  • Author: Casanova, Jacques Donat

Date: 1975

Language: en (translation)

Find in a Library: 4134570

Find Online: OL4288424M

A brief history of the French presence in North America. English translation of "Une Amérique française." From the text: "When we think of the French contribution to the history of the United States, we immediately think to Lafayette, especially…

  • Author: Poulin, Jacques

Date: 1984

Language: English (traduction du français)

Find in a Library: 48670997

1984 best-selling Québec novel about two new-found friends traveling across the roads of Canada and the United States - from Gaspé to San Francisco - in search of one's brother. Infused with histories of Native Americans, French colonization, and…

  • Author: Wickett, S. Morley

Date: 1913-01

Publication: The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Volume: 45

Language: en

Find in a Library: 486783228

Brief 1913 review of what the author calls "the great Canadian exodus" - the period from 1850 to 1900 when nearly 1.8 million English and French Canadians emigrated to the United States.