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  • Author: Paradis, Françoise E.

Date: 1981

Publication: Counselor Education and Supervision

Volume: 21

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1565314

Exploration of issues regarding ethnicity and cultural identity in psychotherapy. Description of 8-week program designed to help counselors and therapists address issues in an ethnic context. Includes an outline of program techniques and activities,…

  • Author: Bielenberg, Kristina
  • Author: Gips, Terry
  • Author: Lane, Karen

Date: 1978 October

Language: English

Find in a Library: 5688269

Catalog accompaniment to the October 1978 Vermont exhibit of artists, stonework, and granite-inspired pieces, "Granite: Artists and Their Work." From the text: "...includes a brief introduction to the history of the granite industry and the…

  • Author: Warner, W. Lloyd
  • Author: Lunt, Paul S.

Date: 2004

Language: en

Find in a Library: 53846344

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Selected case study of a New England city, presented for use in instruction in sociology, political science, and psychology. Without naming the city, this case study includes descriptions of the city's landscape, industry, population, and cultural…

  • Author: Cartwright, Steve

Date: 1993 January 15

Publication: Morning Sentinel

Language: English

Find in a Library: 38243806, 232119454, 38243825

Article on certain reactions to Portland, Maine, radio station, WBLM's morning broadcast featuring humor based on "a slow-witted Franco-American" character. Differing public attitudes toward the station's program, including complaints issued by the…

  • Author: Roby, Yves

Date: 1987 Winter

Publication: Maine Historical Society Quarterly

Volume: 26

Language: en

Find in a Library: 2263768, 607696548

Historiographical analysis of writings on Franco Americans and an attempt to explain the different circumstances of these writings' publication. Observations on literature concerning the period of French Canadian migration to the United States…

  • Author: Gordon, Milton M.

Date: 1964

Language: en

Find in a Library: 217632, 133168206

Find Online: OL22184809M

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1960s study of social life in the United States with regard to ethnic and religious characteristics and their significance to processes of assimilation. Social group observation as a means of understanding cultural conflicts based on incommensurate…

  • Author: Magner, Thomas F.

Date: 1974 January

Publication: The Journal of General Education

Volume: 25

Language: English

Find in a Library: 1754601

1974 article claiming the impending disappearance of ethnic enclaves in the United States. An attempt to distinguish between "race" and "ethnicity," and to mark assimilation's varying attachment to either. The Americanization of linguistically and…

  • Author: Polenberg, Richard

Date: 1980

Language: en

Find in a Library: 5448039

Find Online: OL4101285M

A history of the United States between 1938 and 1978 that explores the categories and convergences of class, race, and ethnicity. Measures how these three categories factored into World War II, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. Begins with the…

  • Author: Greeley, Andrew M.

Date: 1974

Language: English

Find in a Library: 960173

A Chicago, Illinois Catholic priest's view of ethnicity in the United States, with a particular emphasis on religious and political characteristics. From the author of "Why Can't They Be Like Us? : America's White Ethnic Groups" (Dutton, 1971).

  • Author: Greeley, Andrew M.

Date: 1971

Language: English

Find in a Library: 135350

Andrew M. Greeley, an American Catholic priest and writer, offers in "Why Can't They Be Like Us?" a preliminary investigation of white minorities in the United States. His observations are considerate of both social formations and religious movements…

  • Author: Archdeacon, Thomas J.

Date: 1983

Language: en

Find in a Library: 9131872

Find Online: OL4322670W

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A history of immigration in the United States, its national impact, and the effects of American naturalization upon immigrant ethnic identity. From the cover: "From the English settlers who founded the Jamestown colony to the recent refugees from…

  • Author: Bodnar, John E.

Date: 1985

Language: en

Find in a Library: 11157613

Find Online: OL8327812W

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An overview of American immigration and ethnic histories from American cities of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Written by the Director of Oral History Research at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. From Indiana University…

  • Author: Drachsler, Julius

Date: 1920

Language: en

Find in a Library: 557403

Find Online: OL7027369W

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An early immigrant history of the United States with a particular emphasis on the impact of World War I, and with a heavy reliance on United States marriage statistics. Drachsler evaluates the cultural and economic impacts of foreign immigration to…

  • Author: Spinner, Jeffrey Alan

Date: 1992

Thesis Type: Ph. D., Political Science

Institution: University of Michigan

Language: en

Find in a Library: 30073134

From the author: "Liberals usually argue that cultural identity can flourish in the private sphere but should not matter in public. This argument is blind to the way liberal institutions affect cultural identity, the prejudices that members of some…

  • Author: Gerstle, Gary

Date: 1997-09

Publication: The Journal of American History

Volume: 84

Language: en

Find in a Library: 35782298

From the author: "In this essay, I test the Crèvecoeurian myth of Americanization against the rich body of work produced by historians and other students of European immigration in the twentieth century. The myth consists of four distinct claims:…